Group Convenors

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Back row, from the left: Peter Degen, Colin Smith, Linda Liston, Sandy Oldham, Geoff Glover, Bob Leven, David Burbidge, Mike Alderton, Nigel Trotman, Jan Sawyer, Sue Fisher, Tony Darbyshire.

Front row: Pam Degen, Wendy Bretherick, Margaret Burbidge, Jane Earle, Georgina Cane, Stella Ellis, Carolyn Edwards, Ann Whaley 


We do have lots more Group Convenors… unfortunately gathering them all up for a group photograph is more difficult than you can imagine; they do stuff like go away on holiday to exotic places!

One day we will gather them all together and get the lot!

Watch this space…

Ask Not…

Nothing happens unless like-minded people come together to make things happen. To paraphrase John Kennedy's famous observation;

"Ask not what your U3A can do for you, but what YOU can do for your U3A!" 

Notice for all Group Convenors

We have an email address and Contact Form for any advice/queries on our Beacon Database system…

The Beacon Administrator is Val Darbyshire. If you don't want to use the contact form you can write to Val direct via the email address on the left, from your own email provider.


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Our Group Coordinators:

      Sue Fisher

Nigel Trotman

Our Group Coordinators are Nigel Trotman and Sue Fisher.

Sue looks after a couple of our groups, the Sunday Group and the Canal Boat Trip Group.

Nigel is also the Group Convenor for the Walking 2 to 6 Miles Group.


Role of Group Convenor

Group convenors are individuals or several individual members of a group who take on responsibility for its operation. Sometimes there may be one Group Convenor, though experience suggests that at least two such persons work more efficiently; sometimes the leadership may vary, pass from one member to another or be shared among a number of members.

The Group Convenor role includes:

  • Acting as a contact point for the group, both for the existing members and prospective new members
  • Attending Convenor meetings and occasional social events
  • Deciding (with the group members) the nature and scope of the group and its programme of activities
  • Holding regular planning meetings of the group to review how the group is going and to decide future activities
  • Liaison with the Groups Coordinator to discuss any issues with the group
  • Providing updates on the group’s activity for the newsletter
  • Promoting and publicising the group to attract new members
  • Collecting any fees due for room hire or other expenses and keeping records of all money received / spent
  • Maintaining an up to date list of group members contact details

To see a list of the Group Convenors and their details please open the latest newsletter. 

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