Photography – More Information

Our Objectives

  • To make new friends who share an interest in photography
  • To develop your skills when using their camera
  • To learn how to use light, composition and focus so that you can take better photographs


Our Monthly Meetings

Initially the Group members agreed to meet up on the third Monday of each month, We seem to have settled on using two days of the third week in the month, Mondays and Thursdays. Usually our meetings are happening pm rather than am.

Maybe you don't know very much about photography?

Please, don't let that stop you joining our group. The aim of the group is to develop new skills when using your camera. We welcome anyone to come along and join us, at whatever level of skill you currently have. If you're already pretty competent with your camera you will be able to help some of the rest of our group to get better!

We are intending to alternate our meetings each month. We will go out and about to take some photos (locations we choose are chosen by the group members, but usually there will be refreshments close by!). For some months we will be meeting in the CSP Community Library and reviewing the photos taken by members of the group, and also discussing whatever the members want to raise.

Important Note: the camera you have is not the issue. Even small compact cameras, or smart 'phones, can take great pictures! The key is to remember the three elements that go to make up a nice photo: Light, Focus and Composition. Get those right and you're on the way to improving your photographic skills!


Is This Group Like A Photographic Club?

Very short answer; NO!

Photographic clubs can be a bit intimidating. Often there's too much emphasis on the technical aspects of photography with talk of f-stops and ISO's and so on. This techy stuff is useful to know, but digital cameras these days can, if you want, do most of it for you. The key is to think of the three elements, light, focus and composition, with the emphasis on COMPOSITION.

The other major issue with clubs is that they tend to have a very competitive edge to them. Our group is much more relaxed.

The Photography Group is more about getting to know each other and having fun with taking pictures. We haven't ruled 'competitions' and we may to choose to consider having friendly rivalry where the members will vote, say, for their favourite. But that's probably a long way down the line. If that doesn't appeal to you then even friendly competitions will be struck off the list.

Remember: we're not looking for David Bailey's or Karsh of Ottawa's (who? I hear you say!). But we do want to enjoy each other's company and, as the motto of the U3A is to 'live, laugh and learn, we want to try and do all three things (in huge quantities!)

Using The CSP Community Library

When we are out and about taking pictures we don't envisage there will be any cost apart from travelling to our destination and the price of a cup of tea or coffee, and anything else you want to consume.

Where possible we will try and meet up at the CSP Community Centre car park and travel in as few cars as possible. Members of the group are free to make their own way to the destination if they prefer. It would help if members can let the Group Leader know they intend to travel under their own steam.

The reason we use the library is because we are able to use their internet wi-fi connection, and also their excellent audio/visual system. This allows us to see our photographs up on a nice big screen, to enjoy and critique.

We do intend to have our own Gallery too on the Chalfonts U3A website in the future.

We hold a number of our meetings in the CSP Community Library, usually three or four times a year. A full schedule for 2016 can be found by pressing this button…