Theatre Trips

Maureen Huxtable is standing down as a convenor of the group… (January 2018)

From the beginnings of the Theatre Group Maureen has provided her knowledge and contacts to help make the group successful.

I'm sure we would all wish to thank her for the work she's done to make the group so enjoyable. Thank you Maureen! 

Maureen Huxtable

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Group Leaders:

Sheila Tarrant & Danny Robins

Group Administrator: Sheila Tarrant

Meeting place: Varies

Meeting Day: Varies

Time: Depends on the show


Group Size:

No current limit 

Vacancies: YES

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Group Objectives

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Theatre Trips Gallery

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Previous Theatre Trips

We've now created an archive of our previous trips.

Theatre Trip Information

Future Trips – Information

All Theatre trips are advised via email in the future.

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