How To Use This Website…

This page gives you a list of the various menus on the Chalfonts U3A website, and clicking on any of the 'tabs' tells you what's on a particular page.

On the Header Bar there are two menus:

  • The Secondary Menu (along the top of the Header Bar)
  • The Main Navigation Bar (Just above the Content Area)

At the bottom of each page is:

  • The Footer Bar (with a list of links to various other useful websites)


The 'SECONDARY' menu is at the top of the Header Bar (yellow text on blue background)

Clicking on any 'tab' gives you an explanation of what is on that menu.

National U3A
On the top menu bar (above the search bar), on the left hand side is a page which has a link to the National U3A main website.
Thames Valley Network
Group Convenors
Suggestion Box
Login Help

The main NAVIGATION BAR (blue text on the yellow background) has the following menus:

The page that opens first when you visit Chalfonts U3A website is the HOME page. Navigating to this page will give you quick links to the EVENTS, INTEREST GROUPS and MEMBERSHIP pages. It also gives access to our NOTICEBOARD - this is the page to see 'What's New' and worth investigating. Often we will post links on the noticeboard about new groups, excursions/outings and theatre trips. We do inform all of the members via email who are in these Interest Groups, but it's always worth looking at the noticeboard to keep up to date with what's happening. 
About U3A
Interest Groups
Around The Web
Contact Us


At the bottom of the website, on the FOOTER Bar, you will find some links to external websites you may find useful.

Social Media Websites
Down on the left hand side of the FOOTER bar we've placed links to some of the most popular social media websites. These are: facebook, twitter, youtube, flickr, pinterest, digg, instagram and vimeo. If you're not familiar with these websites the easiest way to find out more about them is to click on the icon and go and take a look.

Note: the link for facebook takes you to our own Chalfonts U3A facebook group. This is a closed group for our paid-up members only. You need to do two things: firstly, if you're not a member of facebook you need to join; secondly you can join our facebook group but you need to request to join the group as it's a private group which is not open to the public.
TV Networks
Useful U3A Links
Local Websites
Local Newspapers